Anne Marie Maes

Anne Marie Maes has for the last three decades been recognized as a leading pioneer in art-science projects in Belgium. Her research practice focuses on the close interactions and co-evolutions within urban ecosystems as well as DIY technologies and biotechnologies. This research fuels her artistic practice from which emerges techno-organic objects inspired by factual/fictional stories; artefacts that combine digital fabrication processes and craftsmanship; installations that reflect both a problem and a (possible) solution, multispecies collaborations, polymorphic forms and models created by eco-data.

Through her research and artistic practices, Maes strives to bring out hidden structures in nature by using and constructing her own technological means. She thereby probes the living world and translates that in artistic creations through sonification, visualization, sculptures, large-scale long-term installations, and workshops. She thus makes use of technological mediation to search for new forms of communication with the natural world.

Maes’ work is frequently shown in various European countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, etc.) as well as in the US (New York), Syria, India and Brazil. Maes is also the founder of the Brussels Urban Bee , an independent international collective of artists, scientists and beekeepers.

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