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Brice Guilbert’s serial practice finds its footing in a recapitulation of the Piton de la Fournaise. The image of this volcano is Guilbert’s irrevocable link to the island of Réunion and his childhood. By returning to the same subject over and over again he is able to build a strong, idiosyncratic language rooted in landscape. The new “Fournez” paintings were composed with echoes of Menorca’s soft light in mind. New island, new context, same affecting reflections of youth. Effulgence, contrast, and the spoils of repetition stimulate his small-scale abstractions, ultimately centering painting’s physical dimension.

Text by Reilly Davidson
French artist Brice Guilbert draws on his Creole roots, meditating on memories of home through his lyrical volcanic paintings.

His representations of Piton de la Fournaise are iterated in a variety of colours and scales and on different supports.

In his Fournez series, Guilbert’s use of colour takes on the hazy technicolour quality of Monet’s palette. Dense impasto strokes radiate from a shadowy volcanic tip, with the volcano’s eruption transformed into an abstracted burst of light. The ambiguity of Guilbert’s imagery is built through accumulated layers of gestures and materials. He paints with a heat gun and homemade oil bars, warming the hard paint to a more malleable texture. These densely packed, radiant marks mirror the process of magma seeping through fissures, before hardening into basalt striations.

Biography taken from Ocula
Text by Peter Derksen

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