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Julien Auregan

Act I

Summer show
June 18 - August 21, 2022

Exhibition views

Julien Auregan implicates mythology and naturalism within a practice marked by curiosity. His work is contingent upon an expanded pictorial field; How does a painting transform a space? What does it offer and what are its processional modes? He fervently experiments with materials, drawing in rabbit excesses and strange pigments in order to develop rigorous compositions. These compositions are wracked with Auregan’s compelling semiotics as he collages apparently disparate elements within the same frame. He deploys lyrical motifs in order to expand an already rigorous process of abstraction. By demonstrating material pliancies, he produces a distinctive network of formal inclinations.

Text by Reilly Davidson
Auregan’s practice is focused on the possibilites of painting within the issues of identity and it’s ever changing states. He is mainly interested in language as a vessel for bringing antagonist point of view in the process.

Therefore, the work welcomes sketch ideas as more com-plexplastic protocole, building a visual cryptic exploration that inevitably leads to the impossibility of reducing Auregan’s work to an intelligible and synthetic image.

L’équation du somambule is an attempt to probe this shifting system of thought at work in the pictorial experience.

Excerpt from l’Equation du somnambule, 10n Brussels, 2021
Text by Florence Laprat

Overview of Works produced for the show

Solo Exhibition at 10N Brussels

Individual Works


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